During LUNATIK's first year, I worked with Scott Wilson and my fellow designers at MINIMAL to art direct the brand and create a consistent feel across our branding, advertising, and product imagery. During this time, we created print ads, multiple successful Kickstarter campaigns, and possibly hundreds of product images for press releases and our own e-commerce site. LUNATIK was founded on quality, individuality, and rebelliousness. As a result, we created contrasty imagery and collateral with mostly dark, saturated color palettes that highlighted the metal, silicone, and polymers used in our products.
As is always the case when creating something new and unprecedented, education was also a concern. We had to communicate, for instance, that our watch kits actually held iPod nanos and that the Touch Pen could be used on both touchscreens and paper. Doing this without boring our audience and while maintaining our own brand consistency was a fun challenge that forced us down unexpected paths. After navigating everything though, we successfully created our own unique point-of-view and identity.
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