I am a designer+creative director with 15 years of experience in creating products and experiences that communicate clearly and connect emotionally. 
My design education focused on research based processes that informed user-centered design thinking. That sensitivity to user needs has remained an emphasis throughout my career, but is now merged with the intuition, experience, and technical know-how that can only come from years of active design work and leadership.

I have worked in corporate, consulting, and entrepreneurial environments and have learned that, while disciplined design processes can produce new ideas, a well led team of committed designers empowered by management support and equipped with the best tools available is far more effective. The risk that comes with a flexible, intuitive design process is offset when a team is experienced, dedicated, and aligned toward a common goal. I believe that it is OK for a designer’s unique personality and point of view to inform his or her work as much as research does. And I believe a designer benefits more from participating in that research than reading someone else’s research reports.

I work quickly, but prefer to think through problems fully as I’m solving them. I am most proud of projects on which I have been able to gain an altogether new point of view that moves my team’s work beyond incremental change. Understanding the value of brand clarity in a confused market, finding the sweet spot for a design that bridges polar opposite user groups, or simply introducing a bit of color in a monochromatic product category can reframe an opportunity, address needs, and create competitive advantage.

I embrace technology in my approach to design and am in constant search of new tools and processes that can improve the way I work. I intend to remain hands-on throughout my career. I take great satisfaction in teaching what I learn to others and expect my peers to do the same.

I believe design doing is more powerful than design thinking. I believe I have done my job well when I’ve fully connected my company's capabilities with my users'  needs.
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