INVISIO was a creator of military grade communications gear looking to break into the consumer market. They had no brand resonance in the consumer segment, so I led a team at Ignition that leveraged their military heritage in the creation of a design strategy for their three consumer launch products, headlined by the impossibly tiny G5 Bluetooth earpiece. Our approach focused on INVISIO's military background to build trust in their unfamiliar name.
The sharp lines and matted outward facing surfaces of the design language we created were meant to form associations with stealth fighters and communicate the high-performance capabilities of the products' underlying technologies. Our rather aggressive approach also worked well with INVISIO's unconventional earpiece, which relied on a flexible rubber whip that wrapped around and conformed to the folds of the wearer's ear.
The G5 weighed around 5 grams and was one of the smallest Bluetooth earpieces available at the time it was made. I worked on the G5 directly and design directed the other products.
In addition to the G5, we also worked on a high-end bone-conducting earpiece and a Bluetooth stereo headset. I managed design on all of the products I didn't work on directly.
Photo credit, (1 & 2): Paul Schiefer.
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