The Touch Pen instantly jumps between paper and touch screens with a single button click. Inspired by our increasingly mixed analog + digital lifestyles, it allows us to jump between media effortlessly. In one moment it's a pen, in the next, a stylus. 
Most of us at MINIMAL and LUNATIK worked on the Touch Pen. I joined the project as lead designer to help with design, development, and some marketing before its Kickstarter launch and remained onboard until pens began shipping.
We created the Touch Pen to allow instant jumps between paper and pixel worlds so that ideas could flow freely, between media.
We launced the Touch Pen on Kicksarter in late 2011 and beat our funding goal by 300%, raising over $300,000 in 60 days.
The "Designer Collection" of anodized aluminum Touch Pens. Red, black, and silver, each with a different rollerball tip size.
The CMYK+W Collection, molded in our specially chosen high-performance polymer.
During the Touch Pen's successful Kickstarter campaign, we took our backers and fans along on our development journey with frequent updates showing both the successes and setbacks. Here we were sharing our excitement about one of our early prototypes.
Checking first parts right out of the factory's FedEx envelope from China.
In addition to design and development, I also oversaw much of the Touch Pen's branding. This is an ad I created that we ran during CES 2012. Since Kickstarter, the Touch Pen has been available at 
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